Job Oriented Short Term Course In India

In today’s world where stiff competition is the norm, having just a graduate or a post-graduate degree isn’t enough to land into a job. In such a scenario, job-oriented short- term courses bridge the gap between formal education and meaningful employment. India is fast evolving as a major economic hub with increasing entrepreneurial activities, augmenting enterprises and global acquisitions. To keep up the existing level of growth, India requires copious amount of better trained professional workforce. To meet this demand numerous Job Oriented Short-Term Courses are being introduced in the country through recognized universities and private institutions. These Short-Term Courses are meant to train a person within a short duration to manage specific requirements of a company. Most of the short-term courses in India are part-time and some of them even pay a stipend for the field assignments. Eligibility and selection criteria for these courses are not very strict, as there is a general consensus that only interested students apply for a specific course. The best part of these programs is their low fees coupled with very high chances of gaining employment soon after the successful completion of the course. Short-term Workshop helps an individual to gain the required practical knowledge.

The increased probability of securing a substantial job is due to the fine tuning of the course curriculum according to the market demand. Non-recognition of job-oriented programs by A.I.C.T.E or UGC doesn’t impediment the employment opportunities because of the industry recognition of such courses. The success of many short- term courses like multimedia, computing and hotel management have encouraged the opening of many more innovative and industry based courses like jewelry designing, disaster management and fire and safety. The commencement of a large number of industry- sponsored short-term courses have become a boon for the younger generation as they are now exempted from the tedious task of job-hunting. These days, state sponsored universities are also taking the initiative to include employment acclimatized programs like accounting and multimedia as a part of their graduate and post-graduate curriculum. To put into nutshell, job oriented short-term courses are the way to go in this era of competition to acquire quick and meaningful employment which provides not only a handsome pay package but also a sense of contentment.

The main reasons for the popularity of such courses are the fine tuning of the course curriculum according to the market demand and the recognition given by commercial enterprises to the pass-outs. These courses are a gateway for students to enter into the world of commercial industry with a lot of prospects to rise above all.

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